HDR fotos maken

Ter voorbereiding van onze reis naar Amerika heb ik eens uitgezocht of we met ons fototoestel (een Canon EOS-400D) ook HDR foto’s kunnen maken.
Een paar seconden en Google heeft gevonden wat ik zocht. Het recept om HDR fotos te maken met mijn toestel. Het eerste dat ik lees is dat ik het statief dat ik ooit van mijn ouders voor mijn verjaardag heb gekregen weer kan gebruiken (ik fotografeerde al toen digitale fotografie nog helemaal niet bestond). Anyways, hierbij:


I use a mini tripod and the timer function to avoid any shake of the camera, especially for night-time-HDRs. I’ll give you a small tutorial about how I do it:

  • Mount the camera on a mini tripod
  • Set the camera into Aperture-Priority (Av)
  • Get into the menu “Camera 2” and set the AEB to -2/0/+2
  • Change the shoot mode to self-timer to delay the shutter by 10 seconds (press the button below the AV+/- button to do this)
  • Find a nice place for the camera where it can stand on it’s own. You must not touch the camera when the shutter is open.
  • For some scenes it’s good to manually change the basic exposure to an adequate level (This is necessary when the brightest picture is too bright or the darkest picture is too dark)
  • Then press the shutter button and wait 10 seconds for the camera to start shooting. It will make 3 successive shots automatically.
  • Setup for HDR

  • The setup should now look like the screenshot on the right.
  • After the pictures have been taken you should review all pictures and assure that all details are at least visible in one picture (for example very bright objects should be clearly visible in the darkest picture)
  • If you are not content with your picture series, manually change the basic exposure and re-shoot the entire series.
  • Now you can load the pictures to your PC and use your favorite HDR software to create magic pictures.